Mary Spann Marriage Settlement 1723


Marriage settlement
John Markes of Clevedon is to marry Mary Spann of Kenn, widow. He has no real estate. She has a daughter, Mary, from her marriage to the late Michael Spann of Kenn, yeoman.
She is now possessed of, among other things, the following goods:
1 floake bed [flock], bolster and pillowe with the bedstead, mattress and appurtenances.
Half a dozen of pewter dishes marked with the letters MS and a half dozen of pewter plates marked MS
One table board
One great brasse ann [?]
Two brasse kettles
One brasse crock and bell mettle persemitt [?] and one oaken chest. And is thereof lawfully possessed.
The document essentially comprises a pre-nuptial agreement that her daughter shall have these items when she is 21 or when she marries.

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