Commoners, Kenn Moor (undated)


Transcription by Jane Lilly: “comments in square brackets are either mine or give names added in ink later. This document would repay further reading as there are faint and barely legible additions I have not transcribed”.

[Sheet 1]
List of Commoners, Yatton Claverham, Ken Moore, Cleve

Cleve Commoners

a: Mr Arthur Thomas ? Horts
a: John Pigott Esq.
a: Mr Arthur Thomas
John Plenty three Commons
a: John Hill
Mr John Hipsley
a: William Hains
a: William Wilkins Sr
a: John Parsons
a: Widdo Hickes
a: William Gouier
Mr Battiscombe
a: William hillman
a: Mr Whitley
William Durban
a: William Phillips Sr
a: Henrey Vowles
a: Mr Penrose for Naps
a: ? Pigott Esq John Whiting
Edward Broackes three Commons
John Parsons
a: Mr White for Stile’s
Mrs Markham
William Sheppard
Earl Poulett for Vozes
a: John Stallard for Cufs, [possibly Cuss]

Claverham Commoners
Mr Plaister & Capt. Turner for the home livin
a: and for Lt Willings
a: and for Kintongs
a: and for Paskalls
a: Widdo Wreck
a: and for Lt Averey
Mr Arbery
Mickall Shurborn to Commons

Samuel Alford
a: Mary Hillman
a: Sammuel Willmott
a: Mr Counsell Lt Pamers
Jno [William crossed out] Dutton Lt Lanes
a: Jno Plenty Lt Hillmans
a: and for Lt Harrises
a: [very faint] Mr Parker for Lt Marshall

[Sheet 2]
A list of the Commons of Ken Moore as follows
Yatton Commoners
a: Mr Woodcok Lt M…
Mr Saml Horwood
Hanah Plenty
William Avery
a: Robert Cox
Jno Kencott Lt Rethe
William Vowles
a: Jno Plenty
Mr Trip
a: Mr William Hooper
Richd Reed
William Vowles
a: John Vowles Lt Wilds
a: Sarah Harris
John Webb
a: John Vowles
Petter Collings
a: Widdo Cross
a: William Emgling
Mr Joseph Wornell too Commons
a: Jno Parson
Mr Thomas Churchous
Jno Broackes
Widdo Hulm for Marshmans
Mr Jno Willett
Sammuel Tucker
Sammuel Soudon
Mr Pitts
Saml Tucker Lt Durbans
John Hill for Nothays
Mrr Thos Churchous for Nothays
Mr Barns
Widdo Baker
a: Lt Guys belong to the Quakers
a: Thomas Hipsley
a: Edward Grigory for Bushers
a: Edward Grigory for potterys
a: Mr Jno Willing
Widdo Hulm for Lt Halls
Mr Battiscombe
Mr Penrose for Kitchings
Mr Penrose [crossed out]
Mr Cumbes to Commons
a: Mrs Day
Mr Jno Galton [in pencil added: Ann Kingcote]
Mr John Hart Lt
a: John Brown
Robert Burges [in pencil added: Wid Badman]
a: John Hill Lt
a: Thomas Hipsley for pilhay
a: Humphrey Atherton for Pillhay
Mr Biggs for Bimlands
Mrs Galton for Roces
Mr Cumbs to Commons More
Mr Cumbes Lt Kitchens

Huish Commons
Earl Poulett Lt Inmans three Commons
And for Lt Plentys
And for Lt Whites
Mrs Sarah Cook
Mrs Mary ? [added later: Lt Smith]
Joseph Lyn? [plus illegible notes]
Widdo ?Galton [added note: Jno Brown]
John ? [added note: Avery]
Mrs Williams ? Jos Counsell
Mr Battiscombe / Commons
[this is the end of page 2, very faded]

[Sheet 3]
Brodfeilds down Commons
Mr Richard Parsly
a: John Hill for Lands
a: Widdo Hill for Lands
John Ingman
Mr Tomson for Lt Wallises
Pd. Joseph Collens
John and the Widdo Hill for Whites
Mr Brown for Lt Rumneys
Mr Tomson for Lt fordes
And for the Pigeon houes
Dr Eatwell for Cribbs
a: Henrey Stallard for the Buddels
Henrey Wood
Pd. Joseph Halston
John Hill for Clarks
James Hayden for Ley
Mrs Bird for Lt Strowds
Pd. Henrey Stallard for Spencers
Mr Tomson for Wickses
Esqr. Pultney for Yeomanses
John Hill for the ?Skar
a: Hew chanceler for Warleys
a: Edward Ford for Underwoods
Stephen Tucker
Samuell Hort for Dases
a: and for Kings
Esqr Pultney for Allens
And for Lt. Walleses
Widdo Hill for Spruds
Mr Purnell for Sanfords
John Halstone
a: and for Shrinkwell [added note: Wm Clark]
Thos Cunsell
a: Charls Collens for Waleses
Esqr Pultney for Waits
John Hill of Brodfeild
Richard Hayward for Brookmans
a: Daniel Brean [added note: Robert Jefford]
a: Paul Hill for late Worships
Joseph Brean
Mrs Brown for Lt Rumneys
William Halston
William Cole
Mr Sheppard for Lt Allens
Mr Roberts for Lt Turners
Samuell Dibbins
Chales Collins for Wimbournes
Pd. Mr Plaister for Lawards
And for Lt Mans
Mr Sanford for Bastards [added note: Bakers]

Wrington Commoners
Mr Browns Daflers
a: Mr Wraxell
a: John Deyer
Mr Burt for Derbys
a: Mr Hearbottel for ?
Stephen Whitewood Late
a: M Bath for Phillipses
Mr Goderd
Esqr Pultney for Lt Willetts
And for Lt Dixens
And for Lt Hipsleys
And for Lt Sumners
And for the Golden Lyon
And for Lt Hort
a: And for Lt James Willets
And for Lt Giriffins
Esqr Pultney or Gray for Lt Batt
And for late Watses
a: And for Bull huse [added note: Wm Hacker]
a: and for Beckhams [added note: Jo Becham
Esqr Pultney Lt ?
Pd. Esqr Pultney Lt ?
Pd. Nickels Walker.

[Sheet 4]
Wrington Commoners
Chalres Brns
Pd William Webb
Mrs Durban
Pd Mr Bath for Alens
Pd Richard Abram
a: Late Sanderses for Blanens
Widdo Webb
a: Sara Gallop
a: Late Mr Thomas for Hobses [added note: Rd Hasse]
John Cornish
John Russell Lt
a: Mr Thomas for Lt Richards
a: Mr Bath for Kingman Horts [added note: 2 Hasses]
James Yoark
Camuel Brean
a: Thomas Fuller [added note: Wm Hillman]
Mr Raines for Willetts [added note Petr Cox]
q. Mary Hort Lt
a: John Hankock
a: Mr Trip for Lt Fords
Pd Mr Gray for the Meeting House
Q Mr Godard for Rumleys
Esqpr Pultney for the Mill
James Haydon
a: Mr Salmon
Pd Joseph Brean
Mr May Lt Wetcomes [added note: R Brimble]
Mr Smith for Lt Filkins
a: Mr Pultney Lt Wattes John Walls
Q John Wilkoks
a: Mr Foard Lt [added note: John Hopstens]
Q Mr Tuttons Lt [whole line crossed out]
Edward Fuller

[added note: Thos Willet]

a: [erased]
Pd Sam Bush late James Willetts.

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