Hay Silver


[Transcribed by Jane Lilly, Clevedon Civic Society Local History Group from papers late in the holding of North Somerset Archaeological Research Group, to be passed to Somerset Record Office by David Long, their archivist]

Hay Silver, Yatton, Ken, Cleve, Claverham, Huish
[1st page]

1641 Cleve Hay selver
The Ryht Honernbell John Lord Poulett ixs ixd
George Whit for [?] Ensadills ixd
William Horte iid
John Plomlye iid
Thomas Evens id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Plomlye iis
Edward Hillman id
Robert James id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Heysley id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Wall id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Mrys vid [and a half abbreviated?]
Henry Williames id
Henry Ousel illegible
Illegible Cressinge id [and a half abbreviated?]
William Toker [Tucker] iiijd
Richard Williames ivd
Crastina Moor id [and a half abbreviated?]
William Reed iijd
Thomas Warre ijd
Mes Marten iijd
Thomas Ta illegible, perhaps Tailor id
Elizabeth Warlegde id
John Plentye id
John Cowlman id [and a half abbreviated?]
George Kinge ijd [and a half abbreviated?]
George Trippe id
John Whitinge id
Henry Gattin id [and a half abbreviated?]
Frances Varreles illegible iijd
George [White inserted above] for Stalles iijd
George [White inserted above] for Earland iijd
[Last line scratches out, with signs of many other names altered and scratched out as well in the list itself]

[Reverse of 1st page]

Claverham Hay Selver
Mes Wall [or Ware?] vid
John Wellinge ijd
John Vemponny [crossed out] Widd. Taylor iijd [and a half abbreviated?]
John illegible [crossed out] John Lane ijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Edmond Markham [crossed out] Reytone son in Law ijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Mr Cooxe for Nilsomens [crossed out] Widdo roger id
Jane Warre [crossed out] Jacob Willman vid
Vastcraste [crossed out] Arthur brook Jno Whitinge iijd
Thomas Hillman [crossed out] Widd Hillman iijd & iijd
Durbon [?] land [crossed out] Mr Guiliams ijd
Richard Pursin [?] [crossed out] Widd Hole of Bristoll after id [and a half abbreviated?]
Robarte Edares [?] [crossed out] Thomas Hillman id [and a half abbreviated?]
Ane May [added] James Palmer iijd
Alice Holliman [crossed out] Widd Payton ijd
Frances Warre [crossed out] Gabriell Nanses Children id
John Hill [crossed out] Mrs Harrises id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Alen [crossed out] Ed Johyting [?] id [and a half abbreviated?]
Widdow Perrie [crossed out] Mr Parsey ijd
Widdow Kome [or Rome, could be Coomb] id [and an abbreviation]
Richard Hillman [Richard crossed out] Sarah 0 [and a half abbreviated?]
Edmond Bryhe [Bushe?] [crossed out] Gabriell Nanse [?] Children id and an abbreviation
Luke Heyes [crossed out] Thomas Shurcoms viijd
Edward Hillman [crossed out] Jno Tayler [and a half abbreviated?]
Simon Whitinge ijd
John Lord Poulett [illegible note above] ijd
John Toker [note added] Davis of Bristoll ijd

[2nd page]

Yatton Hay Selver
John Haries iijd
Thomas Wornell ijd
Josefe Coox vd
George Haries iijd
John Haries for Ham Farme iijs
Richard Gremshed iijd
Richard Gremshed ijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Mathew Forishe ijd
Robarte Semes ijd
Robarte Steven ijd
Cristower Tevvye iijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Richard Wattes id
George Becen ij [and a half abbreviated?]
Robarte Merser ij [and a half abbreviated?]
Anes Bayher iijd
William He illegibl iijd
Necklas Terry iijd
Robarte Daves iijd
-emland illegible crossed out iijd
William Lovell iijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Necklas Terry for his Demaines vijd
Gramer illegible xd
Mes Kirkeman for the illegible and stavell house viijd
Jane Warre id[and a half abbreviated?]
John Woodman id [and a half abbreviated?]
John Haries iijd
Thomas Haries id
Robart Whetram [?] vid
Richard Willmot vjd
Richard Willett iijd
William Morse id
Widdow Mead partly illegible amount
John Gay iijd
Marke Parker iijd
Frances Terry iiijd
Cristian Ferish vid and iijd
John Hill iijd
John Marshman id
Necklas Terry id and i [+ abbreviation]
William Larence id [+ abbreviation]
James Melerd id
Thomas Faythe ijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Mes Kerkham id and ijd
John May id [and a half abbreviated?]
Isbelle Hillman id [+ abbreviation]
Philep Mellin id
John Avery id [+ abbreviation]
Edmond Wattes id [+ abbreviation]
Elizabeth Veale I [+ abbreviation]
Henry Wattes iijd and iijd
Philep Weeke ijd
Elizabeth Hillman id [+ abbreviation]
James Warnell iijd
-ill— illegible iijd
Chelvay Moor iiijd
Mary –o-inges iijd
Edward Hillman id [+ abbreviation]

[reverse of 2nd page blank]

[3rd page]

1641 Kenne Hay Selver

The Righte Honerable John Lord Poulett id
James Reed 0 [+ abbreviation]
James Reed id
John Booke iiiid
Edmonde Thringe iid
Mes Dodington iid
Widdow Shearerd iijd
Thomas Parsons id [and a half abbreviated?]
Richard Lowle id
George Pimer id
Edward Palse [?] iid [and a half abbreviated?]
Mes Theven vid
John and William Walker id
John Sanders iijd
Marke Elise iiijd
Widdow ffarman id [and a half abbreviated?]
William Toker id [and a half abbreviated?]
Henry Romney ijd
Thomas Rose id
William Larence id [and a half abbreviated?]
Cristover Morgan id
Thomas Garsell id

Heweshe Hay Selver
Thomas Inman iijd
John Plentye vid
William Hakens id [and a half abbreviated?]
Thomas Lattel ijd
Thomas Goosse [partly scratched out[ viijd [and a half abbreviated?]
Mary Beeken id
John Welline ijd
Thomas Grove and
John Whetwood 0 [and a half abbreviated?]

Mr Bleavetts land hay selver
Widdow Worledge iijd
Widdow Collier ixd
John Dale id
Niklas Terrye id
Necklas terrye id
William Leale iijd
Edward Hillman [partly scratched out] id
Thomas Sesse iiijd
John Willett 0 [and a half abbreviated?]
Thomas terrye vid
William Hakens iijd

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