Ken Moor Commoners 1720


[This is dated 1720 on the outside in a modern hand]

A list of the Commoners of Ken Moor as follows & Yatton Commoners

Mrs Cibbill Morris
George Allen
Edward Sesse
John Avery
John Pottery
Richard Kenkett
Thomas Pye
John Plenty
Henry Somner
John Chapman
Thomas Morris for Claphams
Francis Beacon
Mary Wild
Sarah Harris
Edith Gamball
John Vowles late
James Gully
William Cross
Thomas Squires
Thomas Bennet late
John Broakes
Thomas Davis
Richard Broankes
Henry Hulme for Marshmans
Mary Fule
Thomas Sheppard
Mrs London
Thomas Taylor late
William Durban
John Hill for Nothayes
Thomas Davis for Nothayes
Mrs Biss Wid:
John Morris
Samuel Porter
Richard Guy late
Thomas Hipsley
William Busher
John Pottery
Josia’s Willing
Henry Hulme for late Halls
Mrs Roger Stone
John Kitching
Richard Grimsteed two Commons
Mr John Saunders
John Galton
Mrs John Hart
Mary Browne
Lawrence Pottery late
John Hill
Thomas Taylor late for Pilhay 2
Mr John Etwall for Pilhay 0
John Piggott
Mrs Willut Widow

2nd page
Richard Grimsteed two Commons mores
John Kitchen 0

Huish Commons
Lord Poulett late Inmans three Commons
And for late Plenty –
And for late Whites
Mrs Sarah Cook
Mrs Mary Cox
Joseph Symons late
Thomas Hammons
Samuel Geare
John Ozen late [addeded note:X gorge kinter]
Mr William Williams for Consells X

Cleeve Commoners
George Bullocke
John Pigott Esq 0
Arthur Thomas late
John Plenty two commons
Edward Broackes for Hillmans 0
John Hipsley
James Earle 0
William Wilkins 12
John Broackes 2
Late Sealys
James Hicks
Robert Collins 0
John Pruatt x 0 2
William Hillman
John Stallard
Thomas Holliday, 1 and for Brocks 0
Richard Bullocke
Mr Fitzhall for Knaps
John Pigott Esq for Tunstall
Edward Broackes three Commons
Thomas Willett for William Willetts
And for late Bathes
Mr Edward White for Stiles’s
Mrs Markham –
Widow Sherboure
Lord Poulett for foxes – [added note: John Whiteing x]

Claverham Commoners
Mr George ffourds for Durbans [added entry]
John Willing
Gabriel Davis and for Avorys
Widow Hardys
Yatton Parish for late Crossmans x 0
Michael Sherbourne
Phillip Edwards
John Lane for Willetts
Thomas Hillman
William Willmott
Thomas Palmer
John Lane
Judith Cribb
Sarah Hillman
Mr John Cobbe and for Langs and for Keyntons and for paskals

3rd page
John Plenty
Mr Towns for Durbans [later crossed out]

Broadfield Down Com’s
Mr ffrancis Parsely
John Hill Jun
Joseph Hill for the land
John Inman/Juman?
John Wallis late
Mr Browne for Rumneys
Joseph Collins
Samuel White
Edward ffoord
John Hill Sen
Thomas Cribb
John Stallard late
Widow Warr
John Hallstone
John Hill for Clarkes
James Hayden
Mr Burt for Horts
Henry Stallard
Henry Weekes late
Mrs Yeamans late
Widow Hill [added note: Joseph]
Widow Worley late
Mr Goldstone for Underwoods
Widow Tucker
Widow Hort for Daws
Samuel Hort for Kings
Mr Allen now 11d [added note: Mr Abraham]
Samuel Wallis
Joseph Hill for Spruds
Mr William Purnel
Wid. Halstone and for Shrinkewell
John Weeks for Wallis’s
Mr Allen[added note: now Waits]
Samuel Hill
George Brookman
Thomas Brean
Joseph Brean
James Halstone
Dibbens for Breans
Mr Allen
John Lipyeat
Wid. Winbow
Mr John Norcott
Esor, Mann
Mr Seward
Wd Sanford for Bastards [in different handwriting]

Wrington Commoners
Mr Browns
Mr Burt for Thatchers
Mr Wraxall
John Dyer
Widow Dixon
Stephen Wittwood
Henry Hillman
William Bathe for Phillips
Mr Goddard
John Willett
Widow Lock
Nicholas Walker
Mrs Hill Widow
Samuel Hipsley late
William Webb
John Willett for Blanch house
Mr Bathe for Allens [added alteration]
Widow Yeeles
Mrs Derby
Widow Welsh for Wests
Joseph Gallop
William Thomas for Hobbs
Widow Cornish
John Russell

Verso 3rs page
Henry ???
Mrs Thomas for Pritchetts
Kingman Hort
Henry Sumner for –eeans
James York
Samuel Brean—
Joseph Hort
Richard ffuller
Edward ffuller
Widow Wait
Danel? Willett [added note: now Mr Peryns]
John Hort
John Hancock
Mr Henry Somner for Griffens
Late Samuel ffoords
Late Joseph Badmans [added note: now Meeting House]
John Batten [added note: now Mr Gray/Gay?]
Mr Goddard for Rumneys
Mr John Jones for the Mill
Mr William Tucker
Mr Thomas Salmon
Joseph Briant
Mr John Jones for Walls’s
Late Absalom ffisher’s
James Willett for Bullers [added note: Mr Rains]
James Beauchamp
Mrs Sanford for Bastards
Jethro ffilkins for Dousens
John Barry [added in different handwriting]
John Wilcoks [added in different handwriting]

[Transcribed by Jane Lilly, Clevedon Civic Society Local History Group from papers late in the holding of North Somerset Archaeological Research Group, to be passed to Somerset Record Office by David Long, their archivist]

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