May 162016

Andrew and his golfing pals from Burnham decided last year (when it looked like we would be lucky to move within the century) to go on a 7 days 8 nights holiday to the Lake District – the Finest Peaks and Best Valleys (or something).  Tony and Geoff had never really done big mountains, and Andrew was keen to spend time somewhere higher than our beloved Dartmoor (which is lovely, but a bit vertically undemanding).  Anyway – we moved, so the whole staying in B and Bs and getting luggage sherpa-driven between stops became a bit pointless – but they’d paid for it, so I drove them the hour and a half to Ambleside (!) and came back via the paintbrush shop.

But on the way back I discovered a little family of Belted Galloways, which put me in mind of Tim and Julia.  I wondered if I rang them and explained that you get Galloways all over the shop up here they might just upstakes and join us.  Just a thought.

Which I dismissed as daft, but heartwarming, and came home to begin the de-blueing of the kitchen.  While the cat’s away, that’s he best time to make a huge mess.  So I did.


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